Cuba might have a new president in 2018

US intelligence reports that Cuba is preparing for a “likely presidential transition in 2018,” said National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

“Cuban leaders will remain focused on preserving (country’s) political control as they prepare for a likely presidential transition in 2018,” says the annual report of the US intelligence community, presented today by Clapper to the Senate Armed Services Committee .

The report also anticipates that the Cuban authorities “will maintain at a slow pace the economic reforms aimed at reducing state control in the economy and in the promotion of private economic activity.”

US intelligence services attribute this in part to the “likely resistance of senior leaders and government officials concerned that rapid changes could lead to riots.”

The report predicts that living conditions throughout Cuba will remain “poor,” coupled with fears that the United States will repeal the Cuban adjustment law, which allows islanders to become permanent legal residents, “will keep the Growing migration of undocumented Cubans. “

Cuban President Raúl Castro began his second five-year term in February 2013, due to be completed in 2018 and is expected to be the latest in line with his intention to limit political office to a maximum of 10 years. This might lead to a new todo Cuba that could affect relations between the US and the island.

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Beautiful places to Visit in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is known as the “museum city of Cuba”. Erected as a Spanish settlement, Trinidad became the main axis of sugar cane production on the island thanks to its proximity to Valle de los Ingenios.

It is precisely to this situation that he owes the wealth that characterized him for many years and that is evident in his constructions and in the fine decorations of each one of them. In each architectural work of Trinidad represent the culture, folklore and history, not only of the city, but of Cuba as a whole. Many of these buildings are now museums open to the public (hence the city museum) Here we present 5 places you can not miss visiting Trinidad, Cuba

Main Square

The picturesque Plaza Mayor is located in the Historic Center of Trinidad, declared a World Heritage Site in 1988. In its surroundings, it is possible to locate colonial houses and some of the main tourist attractions of the city such as the Main History Museum and the Church Parish of the Holy Trinity.

Romantic Museum (Brunet Palace)

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, it is one of the most visited architectural gems on the island. This museum houses some of the most refined relics of Trinidadian colonial culture.

In this museum you will be able to know the details of the styles of the colonial architecture of Trinidad. Inside you will be able to access a number of construction applications that date back centuries, such as locks, doors and windows. It is also possible to hire guided tours of the city streets.

Ancon beach

Located about 10 kilometers from Trinidad. It is a beautiful beach with white sands and crystal clear waters. Considered by many to be the best beach on the Cuban Caribbean coast. Its calm waters make it perfect for water sports such as snorkeling or diving. Learn more about the beauties of Todo Cuba.

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This is what it will cost to take a cruise to Cuba from Miami

One of the cruise lines, Carnival Corp Fathom, are hoping to get the approval they need before their planned trip in May. The cruise itinerary is seven days where they will visit several places of Havana including different cultural centers and schools, private restaurants and an organic farm.

“We are selling, planning and we are only waiting for the final approval of Cuba. We are very optimistic, “said Roger Frizzell, a spokesman for Carnival Corp .. The tour will cost from $ 2.710 starting up $8,250 per person, depending on whether high or low season.

On the other hand, the company Haimark Line is collaborating with United Caribbean Lines for trips known as “People-to-People in 10 Days” program that starts in Miami before visiting the cities of Havana, Maria La Gorda, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and Holguin. The trip ends back in Miami and will cost from $ 4,599 to $ 8,999 depending on the chosen category, season etc ..

Start dates for the cruise company of Haimark Line are from February 11 to April 23 and will resume on November 15 to January 8, 2017. The dates of travel March 18 to March 27 cruise already have exhausted even though no approval of Cuba, yet. Now that enviar por via maritima a cuba it’s easier many people are taking advantage of the new benefits.

Another cruise line Pearl Sea Cruises also has 11 days and 10 nights of Miami round-trip aboard their cruise ship Perla called “Cuba, Cultural Journey.” In its official website, your itinerary is almost the same as Haimark line, but their prices vary between $ 7,810 between up to $10,540.

There are already several cruise companies US that are awaiting approval by the Cuban authorities in order to create a new tourist industry from Miami to the island.

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Cruises and new deals connect Cuba with U.S

Since the cooling of political relations between Cuba and the United States, they have been experiencing a series of changes in the Caribbean nation; the most recent involving both transport people between the two countries, and services calls between Cuba and the United States.

First transnational cruise will sail to Cuba from the United States

Fathom, a renowned cruise company belonging to the US group “Carnival”, will launch the first of May, a trip to Cuba that will last for seven days, during which time he made stops at different ports of the island.

This cruise will sail from Miami, which is both the starting point and arrival, according to information released about it, and, of course, is entirely possible to make reservations to take this cruise to Cuba.

This cruise, the Adonia 1 has a total capacity of 704 passengers, and is scheduled every trip begins and ends on Sundays, and its intersemanal frequency, ie, one week and the next week if not.

Meanwhile Fathom says he is proud of being “among the first cruise companies that have obtained permission from the US authorities to travel back and forth between the US and Cuba.”

Agreement between Verizon and Cuba

For many Cubans, communicate with their families to the distance between Cuba and the United States is no easy task, but Cuba today, finally signed an agreement with the US company Verizon to make it possible to make direct calls between the United States and Cuba.

This arrangement directly for voice traffic with EU roaming implies that all Verizon customers will be able to make and receive calls in the network of ETECSA, using their own mobile phones, ie through direct roaming.

In the press Etcesa clarifies that “This agreement initially allowed to offer services of phone calls, through direct interconnection between the two countries, and will start operations once culminate the implementation period and technical tests that perform both operators”. Read more by visiting todo cuba for more information and updates.

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A Good example of YouTube marketing

There are many small business owners who are still confused on how to use youtube as a platform to promote their products and services and drive traffic to their websites. I found a good short promo video that I believe is what every business owner should aim for.

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Here are some tips I learned to keep an organized kitchen

The first thing you need to do is clear the space. Carefully consider the pots, accessories and kitchen tables have sight. Then assess what “dead” spaces that are no function. Ideally, then you could put all those elements that are not used regularly out of sight. This will impact positively, giving more light and giving the impression of more space.

There are several models and cabinets, shelves and supports that can do wonders with those square meters that currently are not using. Consequently a way to change the look of your kitchen is radically improve storage thereof.

How to store food may also help your kitchen look more clean and organized. Stone wall panels work great and there are a variety of glass jars with lids, which wonderfully fulfilled a dual function: to preserve their fresh elements longer and organize your utensils. Always give the feel of a style much more careful placement of a series of glass jars on a shelf to place food packages on the shelves.

Lighting is another aspect that we must consider when we try to redecorate the kitchen. We can choose a nice round bulbs, which offer centralized light, and so play with the nuances of light and shadow, highlighting areas that we want to see, and helping to hide other areas we want to go unnoticed. Lighting practice kitchen counter tubes help us cook with much greater comfort, while granted a greater sense of cleanliness and comfort to improve lighting.

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What I learned from my visit to Cuba

In this post we’ll talk about the abuse of many in countries like Cuba. Recipient countries of sex tourism is characterized, above all, have a wide range of cheap sex in public places and by the absence of repressive laws sex with minors. Quite the opposite of what happens in Cuba where there are no brothels in neon, the prostitution is criminalized, pimping is penalized and rape (sex with minors) is penalized more than in other countries. We should therefore conclude that there is no sex tourism in Cuba.

However, Cuba is always displayed at the top in the list of recipients of sex tourism. This contradiction is because beyond the voluntarism of an outdated communist regime may prohibit prostitution and all you want, prostitution remains.

noticias de cuba-todocuba

Prostitution is criminalized, but the offense is not prostitution as such, but the social crime. The prostitute offered to tourists is made an act of warning and publicly embarrasses before the CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution) to which it belongs home. The third warning will two years jail for social crime.

When Cuba began to receive tourism, in the early 90s, when it was most notorious sexual offer. For years, La Rampa, one of the main streets of Havana through which pass all the tourists, was “the greatest outdoor brothel Cuba”. You could not take two steps without you harden a prostitute. Today it is not so far from the Castro regime wants to avoid at all costs that Cuba is considered a haven for sex tourism, it does not suit the Castro Revolution.

There is a strong police guard whose sole mission repression of prostitution in all tourist areas of Cuba. If you see a woman harassing a tourist, it is stopped immediately. It is very difficult to avoid this control so that prostitution has all but disappeared from public view in areas frequented by tourists. To learn more I encourage to visit to learn noticias de cuba and more about their culture.

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Small Businesses Don’t Have A Clue!

The other day I met this guy who wanted to increase his exposure online via PPC pay-per-click marketing and he was looking around to see who could help him get a few leads per day online. He owns which basically sells marble and granite products around Florida and does installations.

He paid like $900 for his website and had no clue what to do next..

So I setup a marketing strategy for him and explained that the best way to generate some long lasting traffic is to do some search engine optimization that would help him in the long run while actually doing the PPC at the same time. One of the things he said blew me away, he said and I quote: “I don’t need to be on the search engines I just need to get calls”

Now even though he clearly doesn’t have a clue on the benefits of search engine optimization that tells me that just like him there’s many business owners who have no clue on what they need. There are many so called “marketers” out there taking advantage of people and it’s our job to provide useful information to business owners with the goal of helping them understand. I met another business owner who owned a naples dj business and he had a clearer picture of what he needed. So I guess it’s safe to say my job is not only providing a service but educating as well.

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Don’t give up no matter what!


One of the things that I have learned over the course of my career of trying to become an entrepreneur, and I say trying because I had periods where I felt like I wanted to give up. If you are an entrepreneur you have probably felt that way too because things are not going your way and you simply feel like no matter how hard you work things don’t seem to fall into place exactly how you want them too.

This is quite normal, my friend who owns publicidad en miami often says that if you want to succeed you have to be willing to fail over and over again until you succeed.

That statement is not often understood by a lot of people but if you are a born entrepreneur then you probably know what it’s like to fail multiple times and get your hopes up and then get crushed again, but somehow we keep going. Which is why you should never quit on your dreams, you should fight for what you want and you should not stop working until you have achieved your goals.

Sometimes we must make sacrifices and that means probably not going to that party you really wanted to go, perhaps that means you need to work longer hours and focus on finding the right partnership or make the right contacts. But the worst thing you can do is quit and then wonder 10 or 20 years later what would have happen if you decided not to quit and follow your dreams.

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The million dollar video marketing genius.

So I was talking to Marcos he is an internet junkie just like me because we often work together to analyze multiple businesses on why they succeed and why others fail and since he owns publicidad en miami which is an advertising company he recently got a client that is looking to enter the razor blade industry.

Basically he plans to launch his own online store for razors and other men products, Marco started telling me about this guy he found while doing his research that created 1 video that exploded his company. His company called Dollar Shave Club has made millions as a result of a single direct YouTube video.

In fact here’s the video so you can check it out for yourself:

When I saw the video I thought it was genius, the owner wrote and shot the entire thing himself and spend almost no money to get it done and yet it has generated millions of dollars and helped him achieve success with his company. If that doesn’t tell you that video marketing works I don’t know what will. Video marketing works and if you do it right you don’t need to spend thousands to get something people will watch, the secret is making it entertaining, fun and let it run by itself.

After all if you can’t make your marketing entertaining then what’s the point. I hope you liked the video and yes I’m trying their service as a result of that video.

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