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Cuba might have a new president in 2018

US intelligence reports that Cuba is preparing for a “likely presidential transition in 2018,” said National Intelligence Director James Clapper. “Cuban leaders will remain focused on preserving (country’s) political control as they prepare for a likely presidential transition in 2018,” says the annual report of the US intelligence community, presented today by Clapper to the […]

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Beautiful places to Visit in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is known as the “museum city of Cuba”. Erected as a Spanish settlement, Trinidad became the main axis of sugar cane production on the island thanks to its proximity to Valle de los Ingenios. It is precisely to this situation that he owes the wealth that characterized him for many years and that is […]

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This is what it will cost to take a cruise to Cuba from Miami

One of the cruise lines, Carnival Corp Fathom, are hoping to get the approval they need before their planned trip in May. The cruise itinerary is seven days where they will visit several places of Havana including different cultural centers and schools, private restaurants and an organic farm. “We are selling, planning and we are […]

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Cruises and new deals connect Cuba with U.S

Since the cooling of political relations between Cuba and the United States, they have been experiencing a series of changes in the Caribbean nation; the most recent involving both transport people between the two countries, and services calls between Cuba and the United States. First transnational cruise will sail to Cuba from the United States […]

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A Good example of YouTube marketing

There are many small business owners who are still confused on how to use youtube as a platform to promote their products and services and drive traffic to their websites. I found a good short promo video that I believe is what every business owner should aim for.

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Here are some tips I learned to keep an organized kitchen

The first thing you need to do is clear the space. Carefully consider the pots, accessories and kitchen tables have sight. Then assess what “dead” spaces that are no function. Ideally, then you could put all those elements that are not used regularly out of sight. This will impact positively, giving more light and giving […]

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What I learned from my visit to Cuba

In this post we’ll talk about the abuse of many in countries like Cuba. Recipient countries of sex tourism is characterized, above all, have a wide range of cheap sex in public places and by the absence of repressive laws sex with minors. Quite the opposite of what happens in Cuba where there are no […]

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Small Businesses Don’t Have A Clue!

The other day I met this guy who wanted to increase his exposure online via PPC pay-per-click marketing and he was looking around to see who could help him get a few leads per day online. He owns which basically sells marble and granite products around Florida and does installations. He paid like $900 […]

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Don’t give up no matter what!

One of the things that I have learned over the course of my career of trying to become an entrepreneur, and I say trying because I had periods where I felt like I wanted to give up. If you are an entrepreneur you have probably felt that way too because things are not going your […]

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The million dollar video marketing genius.

So I was talking to Marcos he is an internet junkie just like me because we often work together to analyze multiple businesses on why they succeed and why others fail and since he owns publicidad en miami which is an advertising company he recently got a client that is looking to enter the razor […]

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