Beautiful places to Visit in Trinidad Cuba

Trinidad is known as the “museum city of Cuba”. Erected as a Spanish settlement, Trinidad became the main axis of sugar cane production on the island thanks to its proximity to Valle de los Ingenios.

It is precisely to this situation that he owes the wealth that characterized him for many years and that is evident in his constructions and in the fine decorations of each one of them. In each architectural work of Trinidad represent the culture, folklore and history, not only of the city, but of Cuba as a whole. Many of these buildings are now museums open to the public (hence the city museum) Here we present 5 places you can not miss visiting Trinidad, Cuba

Main Square

The picturesque Plaza Mayor is located in the Historic Center of Trinidad, declared a World Heritage Site in 1988. In its surroundings, it is possible to locate colonial houses and some of the main tourist attractions of the city such as the Main History Museum and the Church Parish of the Holy Trinity.

Romantic Museum (Brunet Palace)

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, it is one of the most visited architectural gems on the island. This museum houses some of the most refined relics of Trinidadian colonial culture.

In this museum you will be able to know the details of the styles of the colonial architecture of Trinidad. Inside you will be able to access a number of construction applications that date back centuries, such as locks, doors and windows. It is also possible to hire guided tours of the city streets.

Ancon beach

Located about 10 kilometers from Trinidad. It is a beautiful beach with white sands and crystal clear waters. Considered by many to be the best beach on the Cuban Caribbean coast. Its calm waters make it perfect for water sports such as snorkeling or diving. Learn more about the beauties of Todo Cuba.

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