Cruises and new deals connect Cuba with U.S

Since the cooling of political relations between Cuba and the United States, they have been experiencing a series of changes in the Caribbean nation; the most recent involving both transport people between the two countries, and services calls between Cuba and the United States.

First transnational cruise will sail to Cuba from the United States

Fathom, a renowned cruise company belonging to the US group “Carnival”, will launch the first of May, a trip to Cuba that will last for seven days, during which time he made stops at different ports of the island.

This cruise will sail from Miami, which is both the starting point and arrival, according to information released about it, and, of course, is entirely possible to make reservations to take this cruise to Cuba.

This cruise, the Adonia 1 has a total capacity of 704 passengers, and is scheduled every trip begins and ends on Sundays, and its intersemanal frequency, ie, one week and the next week if not.

Meanwhile Fathom says he is proud of being “among the first cruise companies that have obtained permission from the US authorities to travel back and forth between the US and Cuba.”

Agreement between Verizon and Cuba

For many Cubans, communicate with their families to the distance between Cuba and the United States is no easy task, but Cuba today, finally signed an agreement with the US company Verizon to make it possible to make direct calls between the United States and Cuba.

This arrangement directly for voice traffic with EU roaming implies that all Verizon customers will be able to make and receive calls in the network of ETECSA, using their own mobile phones, ie through direct roaming.

In the press Etcesa clarifies that “This agreement initially allowed to offer services of phone calls, through direct interconnection between the two countries, and will start operations once culminate the implementation period and technical tests that perform both operators”. Read more by visiting todo cuba for more information and updates.

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