The digital marketing space for small businesses

There’s no doubt that the internet has changed a lot of things, it has changed how we shop, learn, make money and even how we communicate. With the internet now a part of our daily lives more and more small businesses are starting to understand the immense value in online advertising and exploring new ways to get their business in front of people instead of the traditional ways.

It used to be that people would search in the yellow pages books and they would try to find a professional based on their local it would take for ever. These days the space has changed a lot and those big directory books that for some reason are still being sent to people’s homes now have other uses and no one really searches for anything in them anymore.


This is the reality and business owners must either make the necessary changes or simply risk losing their customers to their competition. I was recently helping a friend with the headaches of finding a few professionals for her wedding and all it took was typing what we wanted to look for, we found a fort myers dj and a very good professional wedding photographer cape coral which took less than 15 minutes to find.

Yet, many business owners seem to be stuck in the old ways thinking that they’ll be able to survive in 5-10 years. Honestly, I would say of you are reading this I strongly recommend you find someone who can help you and get started developing the right strategy for your business. You might regret it later if you don’t.

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Don’t compete, dominate the marketplace

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a photography business in fort myers, florida. He was telling me how difficult and expensive it was to go out the and do advertising online because of the many competitors. He said he was spending up to $1,000 a month in Google Adwords to be able to generate consistent leads. If he stopped paying for Adwords his business would go to a complete stop.

This is the case for many business owners trying to compete out there and in an extremely competitive marketplace where more and more people are turning to the internet to find their next photographer, carpet cleaner or plumber.

It’s the way things are and will continue to be for the next decades, the internet will continue to change the way we do everything in our lives. However, one thing I did noticed about my friend is that he was not in any social media website, in fact he was trying to compete, not dominate. I told him to go on Google and type wedding photography fort myers and review the top 5 results that come up and see if his competitors were on social media.

It turns out every single one of them was on almost all social media sites, so if you want to grab a piece of the pie in an ultra competitive business world you have to be willing to dominate by being everywhere. Grant Cardone and best seller author and multi millionaire often talks about this. Here’s a video where he explains what I mean.

Focus on dominating first and don’t worry about competing, your focus should always be to offer value and stay relevant. Take this advice to heart and run with it.

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The formula to create a viral marketing video

Often times you see videos that go viral on YouTube for no apparent reason, the other day I noticed a video that received over 2 million views and the uploader had about 11 subscribers. I started to ask myself the question what makes a video go viral?

That’s probably something every company would like to know, however there is no actual conclusive answer for this since the factors seems to change depending on where the video was uploaded. For example a video on Facebook actually is 3x more likely to go viral because of how easy it is to like, comment or share. On YouTube the formula seems to be whether a video is discovered on a very popular site like Reddit or popular blogs start sharing it.

Companies would love to have videos that actually go viral but the one key aspect of making something go viral is by capitalizing on a current trend, a good example would the be Lexus hoverboard. In 2015 there’s been so much talk about hoverboards that Lexus decided to use their man power and brains to develop something and capitalize on that trend.

Here’s the lexus hoverboard.

Now, of course is not a real hoverboard that anyone can simply purchase but that video trended for weeks creating amazing branding and exposure for Lexus and receiving millions of views in the process. Some other examples of videos that go viral is simply major events, however these videos don’t count because usually these viral videos are not created intentionally.

Right now the anatomy of a viral video depends entirely on what the purpose of that video is for a company. There are many content creators on YouTube that have millions of subscribers and create viral videos all the time mainly because they already have an audience that can syndicate that video across hundreds of websites at the same time. Now for a person who doesn’t have a large audience it can be quite difficult to get a video to go viral, it’s best to start slow. I found this great TedTalk video that talks some great points in regards to video marketing.

The internet is constantly changing and if companies are not adapting to this new form of advertising then in my opinion they will not succeed in the next 10-20 years.

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