Small Businesses Don’t Have A Clue!

The other day I met this guy who wanted to increase his exposure online via PPC pay-per-click marketing and he was looking around to see who could help him get a few leads per day online. He owns which basically sells marble and granite products around Florida and does installations.

He paid like $900 for his website and had no clue what to do next..

So I setup a marketing strategy for him and explained that the best way to generate some long lasting traffic is to do some search engine optimization that would help him in the long run while actually doing the PPC at the same time. One of the things he said blew me away, he said and I quote: “I don’t need to be on the search engines I just need to get calls”

Now even though he clearly doesn’t have a clue on the benefits of search engine optimization that tells me that just like him there’s many business owners who have no clue on what they need. There are many so called “marketers” out there taking advantage of people and it’s our job to provide useful information to business owners with the goal of helping them understand. I met another business owner who owned a naples dj business and he had a clearer picture of what he needed. So I guess it’s safe to say my job is not only providing a service but educating as well.

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