The million dollar video marketing genius.

So I was talking to Marcos he is an internet junkie just like me because we often work together to analyze multiple businesses on why they succeed and why others fail and since he owns publicidad en miami which is an advertising company he recently got a client that is looking to enter the razor blade industry.

Basically he plans to launch his own online store for razors and other men products, Marco started telling me about this guy he found while doing his research that created 1 video that exploded his company. His company called Dollar Shave Club has made millions as a result of a single direct YouTube video.

In fact here’s the video so you can check it out for yourself:

When I saw the video I thought it was genius, the owner wrote and shot the entire thing himself and spend almost no money to get it done and yet it has generated millions of dollars and helped him achieve success with his company. If that doesn’t tell you that video marketing works I don’t know what will. Video marketing works and if you do it right you don’t need to spend thousands to get something people will watch, the secret is making it entertaining, fun and let it run by itself.

After all if you can’t make your marketing entertaining then what’s the point. I hope you liked the video and yes I’m trying their service as a result of that video.

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