This is what it will cost to take a cruise to Cuba from Miami

One of the cruise lines, Carnival Corp Fathom, are hoping to get the approval they need before their planned trip in May. The cruise itinerary is seven days where they will visit several places of Havana including different cultural centers and schools, private restaurants and an organic farm.

“We are selling, planning and we are only waiting for the final approval of Cuba. We are very optimistic, “said Roger Frizzell, a spokesman for Carnival Corp .. The tour will cost from $ 2.710 starting up $8,250 per person, depending on whether high or low season.

On the other hand, the company Haimark Line is collaborating with United Caribbean Lines for trips known as “People-to-People in 10 Days” program that starts in Miami before visiting the cities of Havana, Maria La Gorda, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park and Holguin. The trip ends back in Miami and will cost from $ 4,599 to $ 8,999 depending on the chosen category, season etc ..

Start dates for the cruise company of Haimark Line are from February 11 to April 23 and will resume on November 15 to January 8, 2017. The dates of travel March 18 to March 27 cruise already have exhausted even though no approval of Cuba, yet. Now that enviar por via maritima a cuba it’s easier many people are taking advantage of the new benefits.

Another cruise line Pearl Sea Cruises also has 11 days and 10 nights of Miami round-trip aboard their cruise ship Perla called “Cuba, Cultural Journey.” In its official website, your itinerary is almost the same as Haimark line, but their prices vary between $ 7,810 between up to $10,540.

There are already several cruise companies US that are awaiting approval by the Cuban authorities in order to create a new tourist industry from Miami to the island.

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