What I learned from my visit to Cuba

In this post we’ll talk about the abuse of many in countries like Cuba. Recipient countries of sex tourism is characterized, above all, have a wide range of cheap sex in public places and by the absence of repressive laws sex with minors. Quite the opposite of what happens in Cuba where there are no brothels in neon, the prostitution is criminalized, pimping is penalized and rape (sex with minors) is penalized more than in other countries. We should therefore conclude that there is no sex tourism in Cuba.

However, Cuba is always displayed at the top in the list of recipients of sex tourism. This contradiction is because beyond the voluntarism of an outdated communist regime may prohibit prostitution and all you want, prostitution remains.

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Prostitution is criminalized, but the offense is not prostitution as such, but the social crime. The prostitute offered to tourists is made an act of warning and publicly embarrasses before the CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution) to which it belongs home. The third warning will two years jail for social crime.

When Cuba began to receive tourism, in the early 90s, when it was most notorious sexual offer. For years, La Rampa, one of the main streets of Havana through which pass all the tourists, was “the greatest outdoor brothel Cuba”. You could not take two steps without you harden a prostitute. Today it is not so far from the Castro regime wants to avoid at all costs that Cuba is considered a haven for sex tourism, it does not suit the Castro Revolution.

There is a strong police guard whose sole mission repression of prostitution in all tourist areas of Cuba. If you see a woman harassing a tourist, it is stopped immediately. It is very difficult to avoid this control so that prostitution has all but disappeared from public view in areas frequented by tourists. To learn more I encourage to visit TodoCuba.org to learn noticias de cuba and more about their culture.

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